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For Pro-Choicers, It’s Only About the Money

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If pro-choice advocates truly believed in keeping government out of the debate of abortion, they wouldn’t accept federal funds for Planned Parenthood.

Well, the Government averted a shutdown in the 11th hour and President Obama took the credit for hammering out a deal which keeps the government running without the distractions of social issues.  The thing is, the Democrats were full-ready to shut the government down because the GOP dared to suggest that one of the cuts should be to Planned Parenthood.  In short, Democrats were about to tell the military and the rest of the civilian support world that if Abortions-R-Us didn’t get paid, no one else deserved to get paid either.  In the end, they showed their true colors – something you don’t see from the Lib-crats.

Every year, the US Government shells out

What gets me is photos like the one to the right, particularly the woman with the sign in the center of the photo.  Yes, it’s pretty crude, even for posting on The Rabid Conservative, but

If she were speaking the truth, she would be saying, “Keep your Boehner out of my Government subsidy”.  For these pink-clad tarts, it has nothing to do with reproductive rights – for nothing in the spending bills tell them they can’t go out and get preg-ed and have abortions at will, at the drop of a hat.  No, this is all about protecting the pro-choice gravy train – ensuring that if a woman wants an abortion, they can get the government (through Planned Parenthood) to pay for it. 

If these women truly wanted the government out of their…uhh…business, they wouldn’t make such a big deal out of this.  In other words, if pro-choice advocates truly believed in keeping government out of the debate of abortion, they wouldn’t accept federal funds for Planned Parenthood.  So why are they have their proverbial panties in a bunch?  Because the GOP is threatening to cut off the money, that’s why.

For Lib-crats, it’s all about the money.  Let’s take another topic: teaching intelligent design in public schools, or public displays of Christianity at school events.  When these topics come up, the American Crazy Liberals Union is the first to step in and say, “oh no no, that violates the Establishment Clause!”.  Since the Establishment Clause is all about Congress establishing a religion, the Lib-crats make the point that since the schools are Government-Funded  they can’t teach anything that even remotely hints at religious overtones.  Lib-crats threaten cutting off tax-exempt status to churches that preach politics from the pulpit.  Why?  That establishment clause again – because of the money spent.

The government spends money on abortion – plain and simple.  This isn’t exactly keeping Uncle Sam out of the topic of so-called “reproductive rights” because what it does is it advocates for one side of a controversial issue by funding it.  Cutting off funding doesn’t mean the government has suddenly gone pro-life, it only means that they won’t fund the pro-choice effort either. 

Defund Planned Parenthood and let them stand on their own.  Let’s spend federal money on things that benefit ALL Americans, not just the ones that choose to devalue life through slaughter of the unborn.

Written by Rick

April 9, 2011 at 3:40 pm


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