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Overreaction and Oversensitivity

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Lately, I have been wandering around Twitter, listening to the large amounts of ranting from the hundreds of people out there – liberal and conservative, who seem to find offense around every corner. Every time there is a post or tweet with which someone doesn’t agree, I see a flurry of 140 character rage, the like is not compared to out of control school children who don’t get their way.

I’m finding all the faux-anger to be so dull, boring, predictable, and useless.

I expect liberals to fly off the handle and let their seething rage drop from every post. The constant and incessant wave of hatred from liberals who want to change the world, truth, and reality from how it naturally operates into something completely unnatural is of no surprise to me. What concerns me and what really often disturbs me is when those people who hold up the conservative banner behave in precisely the same way.

Yes, we conservatives have a reason for our anger. We can list them over and over, and for some of us, we have. But when we vent that anger off in the same way as our opposition, we show one thing true: we are no different than they are. Sure, we have different views, but we’re just as hate-filled, raging, seething, as the left is.

And liberals find validation in that – not distinction.

Now, I know the title of this blog is The Rabid Conservative and I seem to hold the attitude that I am, now criticizing. But for those that know me in person, I’m not a fuming, anger-filled, oversensitive person. Although I do have my moments, at the end of the day, I find myself the same as any other human being.

Concerning Trolls

Trolls are an ominous breed of Internet life. They seek to irritate by stirring up emotional dischord. They spew nonsensical rhetoric at anyone who will listen. They don’t care about who or what they affect, so long as they get a rise, they win.

Emotional people tend to get affected by trolls. Trolls target them, like moths to a street lamp. Trolls will say or do anything to get a reaction and then leave the emotional person to fume.

If the trolled person is a female, what we see next is a bunch of males come in to “offer encouragement and support” to this “frail and damaged heart”. How pathetically stereotypical. #WannaBePaladins

What’s the rule with trolls? Ignore them completely. Cut them off from their source of fun and they lose interest. Trolls thrive on conflict.

Concerning Atheist Haters and Christian Reactions

The thing about atheists that helps their cause is when they see Christian folks go all insane when someone says something about the Lord. They remind me of the Jewish leaders who tore their clothing and went all berserk when Jesus said something that they found offensive. Jesus offered this advice to His followers:

Matt. 5:38-40 – “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if anyone would sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well.

I have often deflated arguments with atheists like this: I refuse to argue with them. They want me to prove my faith – I refuse. They want me to “prove God exists”. I say, they wouldn’t believe it anyway, so why bother?

In fact, I seriously doubt any atheist would be willing to believe in God, even if he showed up in a white suit, looking like Morgan Freeman:

or in a black tuxedo with round glasses, smoking a huge stogie like George Burns.

Don’t mention it, kid. It’s a pleasure helping you out.

By the way, with respect to God and Jesus, I don’t think the Almighty requires us to come to His defense. (hat tip: Tom) I think He’s strong enough to contend with anyone who sits in contrary to Him. He doesn’t need us to stand up for Him just because one of His other creations doubts that He is even there.

Reagan’s 80% Rule

“The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor.” – Ronald Wilson Reagan

Lately, I have been seeing conservatives who differ on certain issues fighting with each other like they somehow get the right to call themselves a “true conservative”. It is as if they represent the guidestick by which all other conservatives are judged.

I see much infighting between “conservatives” and “libertarians” and between center-right Christians, and far-right Fundamentalists, the guy who loves homosexuals the way Jesus does and the woman who hates them the way Satan does. It’s purely disgusting really.

The consummate conservative of the last 50 years has to be Ronald Reagan. Conservatives look to him as the person who pretty much defined their movement. But if you look at Reagan’s record, his fiscal policies were not in keeping with what the so-called true conservatives would espouse. But Reagan did establish one thing – give a little, get a lot. Reagan understood the 80/20 rule very well during his tenure in office.

The Closing Thought

What’s with all the rage and anger anyway? Are we so angry at Obama that we tie him to everything that is wrong in the universe, just because it brings a little soothing to our soft, squishy ego? Does it make us feel good to unleash hellfire and brimstone on liberals, as if it is some sort therapy or coping mechanism? Are we so unable to cope with the very disappointing activities of the Democrats that we can’t find solace and peace amidst the storms of life? Are we too angry to see the small victories and blessings that happen when we’re too busy fuming our own rage?

By the way, congrats to Mr. Kevin Faulconer, the new mayor of the very liberal San Francisco. The Obama machine failed miserably there and now San Francisco has a Republican as their chief executive.

And, by the way, a shout out to Mr. Ray Nagin, who is up on some serious corruption charges for his mayoral activities in New Orleans. He was a Democrat.

Oh look, I just got unfollowed and blocked because I asked an objective question to someone who was overly emotional about what some troll said to her and a group of kids, like the troll actually caused any real harm beyond a bruised ego.

Call the Waaa-mbulance – we have another casualty.

Come, debate me on this.

Written by Rick

February 12, 2014 at 11:31 pm

Fight for 15? I say, FIRE for 15!

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I can hardly believe what I’m seeing. People are striking at McDonalds because they aren’t making $15/hour. Are you kidding me? $15/hour?

Since when is this McDonald’s fault? Since when was Subway and Burger King responsible for making sure that employees could sustain a family of six on their meager minimum wage salary. But today, these ingrates are laying this at the feet of all those companies out there that provide those jobs. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

The way I see it, every person who decides to strike because of this crap needs to be fired and replaced with people who want to work, not these idiots with their pricy neck tattoos and acrylic nails (hat tip: @FlyOverAngel) or the ones that weigh in at over 250 lbs (hat tip: @jd_bowen). They need to LOSE their jobs because they’re obviously not happy with them.

When I started out after high school, I took a job making $3.35/hour washing dishes at a truck stop. I didn’t gripe that it wasn’t enough to live on. I just needed something for residual income before going to the Army. That’s what a minimum wage job is for. I never complained. I busted my butt.

I was there to wash dishes. But I went further. I learned how to prepare food and work the grill, I bleached down the kitchen when time allowed, I waited tables so the waitresses could get a break, and I made our customers feel welcome and valued. I learned a lot about customer service – that was my takeaway beyond the pay.

Now I’m sure there are those out there that want to work, but can’t find a job, but the majority that I see in my experience are those who are not willing to do what it takes, to make the sacrifices and hold the moral line against those things that will eradicate prosperity.

You want to know why the so-called living wage is going up?

  1. It’s because Fed continues to devalue our money by pumping more stimulus into the economy. The more plentiful something is, the less valuable it is. The value of a hamburger doesn’t change that much. But when it takes more dollars to get the same value, the hamburger goes up in price.
  2. It’s because of entitlement. Everyone is believing that lie that they deserve a new car or a 52″ LCD TV. It would seem my generation was the last one to hear the message that if you want the big things, earn the money and go buy them.
  3. It’s because of immorality. Sorry, but getting drunk, stoned, or knocked up has serious financial costs. When you have three kids by three different men (and you don’t know which one is which), you deserve to live in poverty. The kids, however, also suffer for your mistake. Don’t expect that you’ll get jobs in a corporate office if you’re sporting gang tattoos or have sunken red eyes from smoking mary-jane all night.

I don’t have much sympathy for those who don’t want to work and are not willing to sacrifice to get ahead. They’re not going to be the next Donald Trump by holding a sign and griping about how hard things are. They climb that ladder through hard work, diligence, and persistence.

By the way, do you think the labor bosses and tinpots at the SEIU make paltry salaries? How many different ways can you say hypocrisy?

To my friends.

Written by Rick

December 5, 2013 at 11:52 am

Stupid Human-Animals on Black Friday

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Y’know folks, I don’t see what the hype over Black Friday is supposed to achieve.  I keep hearing the ads on the radio and TV about all those Black Friday deals, mingled in with talk about the stores that were open on Thanksgiving Day.

This has got to be the great contradiction of America. On the last Thursday of November, we’re supposed to come together with family and friends and take a day to reflect on all the things for which we are thankful. And really, it’s supposed to be being thankful to God for His wondrous bounty. And then, on the VERY NEXT DAY, we’re supposed to turn all of that off and venture out into the world like mesmerized drones to buy the very latest in Chinese-made junk.

Today, I am sitting comfortably in my chair, with a nice hot cup of French-pressed Arabica coffee, watching my wife play XCOM: Enemy Within, and enjoying one of the very few days off that I get in the year (even though I do have schoolwork to grade today). Meanwhile, thousands of people, ungrateful, not thankful, filled with thoughts of entitlement by what Big Corporate America owes them.

So in this clip, we see a Wal-Mart, full of people with two very stupid women fighting over a TV.  And when I say stupid, I don’t mean “derp” stupid, but I mean the form of stupid that barely separates them from apes.  Total animals, these people are, fighting over things like two chimpanzees fighting over some fruit in a jungle somewhere.

I’m not even sorry for what I’m saying.  People that participate in this nonsense are total fools…and probably vote Democrat.  The represent everything that is wrong in our country today. They are total animals.

Written by Rick

November 29, 2013 at 11:07 am

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The Positives of Conservatism – Limited Government

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So I’ve decided to try and start a series of posts on the positives of Conservatism. To elaborate, we spend a LOT of time trashing the left. And while it’s good sport for us, it hardly does anything to win the hearts and minds of those who vacillate between left and right. So, it’s my opinion that we, as Conservatives, need to actually start uniting behind a real message of hope – one that works because it’s not contrary to the left, but rather, promotes the things that are great about America. If we can do that, we stand to begin winning hearts and minds to the RIGHT path.

Part of this series will be questions to ask people. Liberals will likely retort with race-bating, hate-bating, or some other emotionally charged response about how Bush screwed this or that up, or how the Tea Party is wrecking America. But these questions are designed to be individualized – which means you have to start having conversations with individual people.

In other words, how government is supposed to be.

So here is something to “pass through the grass”.

On Limited Government

When I stand around a watercooler, I never hear anyone who sings the praises of the government. Mostly, the conversation takes a downward turn about how stupid everyone in the belt-way is, or how inept the government is, or how they simply hate them. Without exception, I NEVER hear, “oh, I love the government”, or “I simply love Congress”.

The only part of the government, really, that gets any real respect and adoration is our Military. And that’s because they justly earn it. Thanks for your service, my Brothers and Sisters in Arms.

Today, approval of Congress has never been lower, something like 85% disapproval, less than 10% approval according to Real Clear Politics. It’s never been as bad as it is now. Now chalk it up to things like the shutdown, or the O’care rollout, or their general acts that are morally questionable when spending money and earmarking – but either way, less than one person in ten has a positive view of Congress.

Logic dictates one of either two courses of

  • They are unwilling to improve.
  • They are unable to improve.

To that end, either way, that doesn’t sit will with me when we consider that we’re to trust government with our money, our freedoms, or even our health care.

Ask: If everyone in government is so stupid and incapable, then why do we want to continuously trust them with things that could effectively mean life or death?

Government only was commissioned for specific things. Originally and specifically, it was commissioned for:

  1. print money – Dept of Treasury;
  2. negotiate treaties and communicate with other nations – Dept of State;
  3. raise and maintain a military – Dept of War (now Defense); and
  4. manage commerce issues between the several States – Dept of Commerce.

The way I see it, this is what it should be. But now, government has become so bloated and unworkable, it’s beyond repair. We as individuals need to evaluate just how involved government is in our lives. We saw a glimpse of this during the shutdown. Frankly, it should be a very disturbing thing to all Americans as to how dependent we have become on government.

Ask: Are you saying then that you NEED the government, because you’re incapable of taking care of yourself, or you want the government to pony up because it continuously takes from you. In either case, why is the government something that is desirable?

Ask: Wouldn’t you feel better if you were to realize the American Dream on your own, rather than holding to a handout?

Ask: Wouldn’t it not be better to be unaffected by what happens in Washington on a personal level, than to have people in Washington make decisions without considering how it affects you?

In the end, the more that government is involved in our lives, the less liberty and freedom we enjoy. We can’t allow the bureaucrats to sacrifice our liberty for the entitlement of others. Each person is to control their own destiny – without an overreaching government messing it up.

So, the first benefit of conservatism is that we believe that with government out of the way most of the time, people are more free to control their own destinies. Government has its purposes, but it’s better to have those purposes limited and specific, not over-reaching and broad.

Written by Rick

October 22, 2013 at 11:29 am

Another Reason Why I’m Opting Out

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Not that ObamaCare is a train-wreck and a travesty to the health care industry in general – as well as a Socialist killjoy to free-market medical coverage, but now, I have another reason:

Identity Theft

Turns out we have a story out of Kansas of a so-called ObamaCare Navigator (someone who is supposed to help people unable to figure out O-crap-care’s inner workings) who has a history.  Rosilyn Wells of Laurence, Kansas has:

1) An outstanding arrest warrant
2) History of writing bad checks
3) A bankruptcy
4) An outstanding tax bill of $1700

Yet, ObamAd, Inc has her on the rolls as a Navigator.

Thing is, Navigators have privileged access to people’s personal data. And with a woman like this, one who has a pattern on financial issues, it would seem to me she has no business being a Navigator.

But how many people out there are on the rolls as a Navigator, yet don’t engender the trust worthy of such a posting? How many scammers are out there, just waiting to abuse their privileges. It’s too easy.

So, where I certainly wasn’t interested in getting scammed by the new insurance mandates, now, I don’t even want to be near them. I’m trying to keep what little money I actually have.

No thanks – I decline.

Written by Rick

October 14, 2013 at 11:36 am

Racist Dogs

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Not that we don’t continually hear stuff about racism day in, day out, but now, it seems like it’s no longer a human thing – now our furry four-legged friends are now showing their racist tendencies and biting non-whites (the article says “latinos” and “african-americans”, but these kinds of articles generally mean “non-white”).

LA is no stranger to racism – for it was the cops who beat Rodney King to a pulp which triggered the riots (not that the beating wasn’t just some excuse for massive rioting and looting).

Maybe with the crime rates in LA, with 80% being minority, it would seem that the dogs, being color-blind, will chase down a bad guy, not whimper because the crook is a white guy or not.

Now, if I were a bad guy, I’d rather get bit by a dog than pepper-sprayed, hit with a TASER, or shot.  And I have worked with police dogs before – they go on instinct and training, not because they decide they prefer dark-meat.

It’s like I keep saying – until we stop with the extreme PC and sensitivity and start moving beyond racism, we’ll never solve the problem.  But idiots like the ones in this article simply cry wolf (no pun intended), over so-called “racism”.

Just saying.

Read it: ‘Racist’ LA police dogs only bite Latinos and African-Americans – Americas – World – The Independent.

Written by Rick

October 13, 2013 at 12:46 pm

Stupid People: ObamaCare or Affordable Care Act

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The best cure for anger is laughter.  And right now, here’s something worth laughing about.

So Jimmy Kimmel decides to do a “man-on-the-street” interview that asks the question, “Which plan is better, ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act”.

The thing is, the conservative message is getting out there.  People are more and more against ObamaCare because it 1) forces them to buy a product they don’t want, 2) is socialistic, 3) full of holes.  People are seeing these things, but through the ObamaCare nickname, the people are basically being fed a strawman argument.

Consequently, these people are for the Affordable Care Act (lol!) because it 1) allows kids to stay on their parents’ insurance plan until they are 26, 2) forbids denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions, and 3) require companies that have 50 or more employees to provide insurance for their employees.

So, let’s watch how the “informed” American public compares the two “very different” programs.

Written by Rick

October 2, 2013 at 3:49 pm

The Advent of American Socialism

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Well yesterday saw the advent of America’s Socialist Health System. And of course, we saw the widespread problems with all the heathcare IT solutions that were supposed to make everything sunshine and rainbows. But all of this didn’t sort the 800lb. gorilla problem.

Why are we letting Obama get away with lying to the American public?

Yes, indeed, because, in the interest of adding people to the world of insurance (most of them Democrats – thus securing more votes for the liberal side) we’ve sold out more liberty for entitlement.

So, out of perverse curiosity, I checked out the Exchange to see what programs were out there. I plugged in my family and found the cheapest product was $722.65 for a $5000/$10000 deductable HMO/Bronze plan. Obamacare’s idea was that it was only supposed to cost 8% of my salary. Well, using those fifth grade math skills (or Windows Calculator), we find that I would have to make $108,400 per year for this to be what the government considers “affordable”.

I don’t make $108,400 per year – not even close.

So, at least the IRS penalty won’t apply to me, not that I would pay it anyway, since I plan to calibrate my taxes so I never get a return (planned to do that anyway – I can spend my money much more wisely than the government can. And since the IRS has it out for conservatives anyway – well, screw them and the horse they rode in on. No one ever liked tax collectors anyway.

ObamaCare is total crap. There’s nothing affordable about it because , while the Exchanges are, theoretically, a good idea, the problem stems from all the mandated coverage increases.  By imposing all the new coverage changes, insurance companies have raised their rates – because they aren’t going to accept that kind of financial risk.  We can, by law, say “no pre-existing conditions”, but we can’t force insurance companies to give that product out for free. In the end, we have to pay for that.

So the government will extort money from the American public by taking additional tax revenue from the public to pay for a product that, more and more polls have shown, that the public doesn’t want.

And today, we’re feeling the pinch for real. This is what we get for not actually READING the bill, Nancy Pelosi. Stupid.

Obamacare has done nothing that the president himself promised and, for the first time in my life, I am withOUT affordable health care, and being forced to pay for health coverage for some “socialism-loving taker” out there who feels entitled to health coverage, that I don’t know – and truly don’t have much care for.

I have my own family’s interests to consider. Call me selfish if you want, but really, I don’t see the “takers” caring that much for mine and my family’s interests.

Bastards all. This isn’t what America was supposed to be.

Lord Jesus, come quickly – for those of us who crave freedom have no where else to go.

Written by Rick

October 2, 2013 at 9:41 am

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Trespassers Deface 9/11 Memorial

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Can anyone identify the two in the picture?  The way I see it, they should be brought up on charges of theft and trespassing. They had no right to do what they did.

Hat Tip: Middlebury Campus

Five protesters showed up at the Mead Memorial Chapel on the Middlebury Campus in Vermont to remove 2,977 flags that were planted by the students.  Even further, this was a cooperative effort between the campus Republican and Democrat groups – a truly bipartisan effort.

Two of them were identified by name because they went on the record, claiming responsibility, “Amanda Lickers” (lol) and “Anna Shireman-Grabowski”.  Anna Shireman-Grabowski is a junior student there (hopefully not for much longer). Looks like Lickers (i still can’t stop laffin’) is an outspoken America-hating liberal quack and was invited there to do a workshop.

The way I see it, no person has the right to infringe on another’s right to free speech and certainly no one has the right to trespass and steal. These five were not even students – so I hope that the college finds them and prosecutes them on behalf of their students who took the time to place these flags.

The protesters felt that since that ground as sacred burial ground of the Abenaki people (a fact that has not been substantiated with any sort of official fact from either the college or the Abenaki), they took it upon themselves to ‘confiscate’ the flags as an outcry to ‘American imperialism.  Thing is, they KNEW what they were doing was illegal because they did it in haste, saying that ‘nothing was allowed to penetrate the earth of the burial ground’.

Did they not see the lamp post not ten feet from where they are stealing the flags? Seems a little inconsistent to me – but then, I guess they have to live with a lamp post poking the ground.

I’m glad to see that the student body returned to replace the flags in a unified effort.

Now, all that remains is to prosecute the miscreants for trespassing, theft (probably felony theft), and, depending on what they did with the flags, desecration under 18 USC § 700.

Lickers…I’m STILL laughing… (I’m so wrong…haha)

Written by Rick

September 13, 2013 at 12:30 pm

A $15 Minimum Wage? Fat chance!

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Once again, we continue to fight the battle over minimum wage.

Don’t they realize that the reason why costs have gone up on things is because the Fed continues to devalue the American Dollar by dumping more of their printed works of financial fiction into the market?  What that does is require EVERYONE to take a pay cut.  This is why we have those “adjusted for inflation” numbers – it’s because money isn’t worth what it once was.

If they indeed raise the minimum wage, then the cost of everything goes up to match inflation.  Do you seriously want to pay $15 for a Big Mac?

The thing is, the value of goods and services are what someone will pay for them.  But cost is not an evaluation of value because it’s contingent upon changing dynamics.  Instead, how about we value things based on the amount of time to acquire them?

For example, let’s take your time.  Every person, no matter age, gender, skin color, or ethnicity, gets 24 hours a day – 168 hours in a week.   You want to buy a microwave oven for $80 and you make $10/hr (taxes notwithstanding).  That’s a full day’s wages, spent for that microwave.

Folks, this is what economics is built on – simple unchanging ideas of the value of things.

Now, not to be overly mean, but many of these whiny people working min-wage jobs aren’t running around with college degrees (or have degrees in non employable fields).  They lack drive to actually improve themselves – but rather, want that entitlement.  They think they are actually WORTH more money than their being paid.

So, something I heard on Rush today – ask one of these nitwits how much is enough.  $20/hr?  $30/hr?  $50/hr?  Sooner or later, they will see that $50/hr is too much for flipping burgers at which point, you get them on their valuation.

Minimum wage jobs aren’t meant to build careers on.  People that aspire to nothing more than to flip burgers don’t deserve the bigger salaries.  No one out there is saying, “you deserve to be paid more!”.  So why should I demand it?

Stay rabid, my friends…

Written by Rick

August 29, 2013 at 9:48 pm


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