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Democrats Change Platform by Fiat

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Kinda makes you wonder who’s really pulling the strings…

Today, the DNC made a change to their party platform that, rather forcefully, returned to the platform, language that supported God and recognized that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel.

But I really have a tough time believing that the Governor Ted Strickland, who was the chair of the committee that wrote the national platform, didn’t see this one until late last night when they drafted the amendment.

Now listen to the video and see if you think 2/3′s majority of the party voted to put “God” and “Jerusalem” back into the platform.  Now I know the audio on this is extremely subjective, but it would seem that this one was ramrodded.  I did read that one of the commenters of this clip ran the audio through Audacity and measured that the waveform of the “no” votes was clearly louder.  Anyway, what’s your opinion?

Vote One: It was pretty clear to me that it was “No”.

Vote Two: It wasn’t clear, but it sounded like the “no’s” still had it.

Did you hear what the woman behind Mr. Villaraigosa said.  She said, “You gotta rule, and then let them do what they’re gonna do”.   She urged him to basically make a decision and then move forward.

Vote Three: It was dead even.  So even if the “aye’s” had it, it wasn’t a 2/3′s majority.

So much for majority rule.  I guess the DNC is ruled by the same forces that drive the “Great Taste, Less Filling” crowd cheer, now.

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September 5, 2012 at 5:06 pm

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Middle East Peace: It Evaded Einstein

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This week, the complete archives of Professor Albert Einstein are going online – something that should make for some interest for the new generation who has hair wilder than his, but I digress.

One thing that did surface that was of particular interest was that it was noted that Professor Einstein couldn’t even come to a solution on how to have peace in the Middle East.  He had quite a bit of thought on the topic, but for some reason, just couldn’t figure out a way to make the Arabs, Jews, Christians, and the rest of the heathen play together in the same sandbox without kicking each other’s sand castle down in honor of their religion.

Interestingly, Benjamin Netanyahu’s IQ is estimated to be around 180, making the Israeli leader smarter than the man equated to have super-genius.  Einstein’s IQ is rated at about 160.  I guess with one of the smartest men in the political world currently sitting in the Middle East and debating the very thing that Einstein couldn’t figure out, I guess we should be expecting great things…?

Nah.  Won’t happen – because the problem is not one of academics, but intolerant ideology – something that doesn’t require high intelligence to have.

Written by Rick

March 20, 2012 at 9:59 pm

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