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An Open Letter to Rev. Al Sharpton

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Dear Rev. Sharpton:

Today, you’re marching around Washington DC to talk about how the movement towards black equality that Dr. King preached hasn’t gone as far as you would like.  I’m not sure what you’re talking about, since blacks can do anything they put their hearts to doing.  Yet, you continue to display deeply disturbing character for a man who calls himself “Reverend”.

It really is disturbing how much rhetoric you unnecessarily throw out there these days, trying to sell us all on the fact that the problem of so-called racism while the greatest majority of the white and Hispanic population don’t have a problem with accepting blacks.

Bill Cosby has a better grip on what’s going on in the black community than you do.

Today, a startling 73% of all African-American babies born are born out of wedlock to single mothers.  With words like “baby-momma” and “baby-daddy” as part of the everyday vernacular, the question is not about acceptance of black people, but a condemnation of black “morality”.

Today, lyrics to rap music promote behavior that is absolutely atrocious by any standard of civilized man.  You talk about how “white people in their caves, while black people were building empires”.  Yet today, black people seem to be less interested in furthering their cause by minding their “content of their character”, as Dr. King so eloquently put forth.  You rail on how society has to keep building jails, but refuse to condemn the staggering amount of black crime going on.  Yet, you blame this on blacks not having access to meaningful employment.

No man gets a pass to do evil because of his environment.

Any black man can rise above his bonds and be an equal, but he must take it.  We are all born equal, but we don’t live life that way.  If a black man wants to be president, he can be – this has been proven – although the man in there is a terrible president because he simply does not understand what real liberty is.  What the lot of blacks that you are defending want isn’t liberty or equality, it’s entitlement – they don’t want the opportunity; they want the rewards without the effort.  The ones that don’t make excuses for the way they live are the ones that I am proud to call my equal – because they live moral lives and work hard to help themselves and their common man.

But you, sir, don’t talk about any of that.  Instead, you blame all of your problems on white society and a history long since gone.  Didn’t you forget that it was white Republicans that fought for emancipation and white Democrats that fought against it?  Yet you ally yourself with, what Senator Elbert Guillory calls, “the party of the overseers.”

Perhaps it’s time that you, yourself, clean up your own backyard before you start digging in on everyone else.

First, you go on record saying that there “is nothing to protest” about a “random” black-on-white attack where Chris Lane lost his life.  But if you actually read your bible like a good little preacher should, you would find that any murder is worth protest, because it is all wrong in the eyes of God.

You’ve been completely silent over the very recent death of Mr. Delbert Belton.  Are you going to attribute your silence over the fact that it was just “a random act” with “no reason to protest” too?  I guarantee you would be on a plane if the murder was a black WWII veteran beaten down by white thugs – even IF it were random.

Your outcry about Trayvon Martin was wholly directed at proving that George Zimmerman killed Martin out of racist motives, yet, despite his own testimony and the court testimonies, you push it away, dismissing it out of hand, because a black kid was shot.  Did you also forget that Zimmerman was Hispanic, yet you blamed the white community, as you always do.

What about last year when you asked Bill O’Reilly for a grant for the kids in Harlem because your charity was broke.  He wrote you a grant for $25,000 yet you still rail on him.  Oh, because of all the gutter talk, right?  Well, you would know gutter talk, because you’ve used the words, “cracker”, “Chinaman”, “Greek homos”, and “white people in caves”.  For a man who is supposed to be filled with God’s spirit and his words, I see more gutter-chatter than what should come from a man of God.

A couple of years ago, during the Wisconsin State Fair, a mob attack broke out where blacks openly threw racist remarks at the white folks they attacked. Yet where were you? Where were you and Jesse Jackson – where was your outrage?

Let’s rewind the tape further back – in 2007, Don Imus was fired (after your yammering) because he called the Rutgers Basketball team “nappy-headed ho’s”, yet your attack just a few weeks later against Mitt Romney and how “those that really believed in God would defeat him”, attacking his faith was generally ignored.

We’re all STILL waiting for you to recant your remarks towards Mario Cuomo regarding Tawana Brawley’s hoax rape allegations.

There are many more instances here.  But they have a word for this behavior, sir – hypocrisy.

It’s time for you and people like you to go away – retire on whatever pathetic laurels you have left.  Retire your old, outdated arguments and allow us in the 21st century, red, yellow, black and white* to realize the dream of equality, not the race-pimping and attention-whoring that you and Jesse Jackson do so well.

We’re so done listening to your moronic rhetoric.

To my friends and new followers on Twitter,

Stay rabid, my friends.



* An expression from the song, “Jesus Loves the Little Children”


Written by Rick

August 24, 2013 at 5:53 pm

Seventeen Governors – Could It Be True?

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So, I finished up on my vacation, a restful and fun few days to be sure – and the subject of a post later this week.

But for the moment, I wanted to share something that caught my eye that was just too intriguing to ignore.

Question: What do the states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kansas, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Wyoming have in common?

Answer: They all elected Republican governors in 2010.  States that are pretty staunch blue states, like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, battleground states like Ohio and Florida, seventeen in all.

However, that’s not what is most interesting here.  Turns out that these states have all seen decreases in their statewide unemployment rates.  All of them.  Now I wouldn’t take the bait on a few states (unless it was something significant), or even a handful, but we’re talking a third of the entire Union has seen a drop in the unemployment rate, and on average, far faster than the national average.

The lowest of these states was Maine with just a 0.6% increase, from 8.0% to 7.4%.  The greatest of these is my home state of Michigan where the decrease was from 10.9% to 8.5% – a 2.4% drop.

Before I let any jubilation get the best of me, the pessimist inside me urged caution.  Now, I had to dig a little more to see what was actually happening.  Not that I don’t welcome news like this, but sometimes, it can be too good to be true:

Michigan is dropping because nearly 224,000 residents have left the Great Lakes workforce.  It seems the spike in improvement isn’t coming from the fact that there are more jobs, but less people in the unemployment line.  It’s estimated that 94,000 have left the state, so the other 130,000 have either retired out of the workforce, gone to school, of just gave up looking.  This is the more dangerous of the unemployment figures because it disguises the real problem – that the true level of unemployment just isn’t being talked about.

Florida seems to be showing the same pattern.  With a 2.3% drop, a very encouraging number, the number isn’t something to completely believe.  Florida is a haven for retirees – retiring baby boomers that have lost their jobs and had trouble securing new employment.

So, while I always think that electing Republicans are better for business than Lib-crats, we need to make sure that our celebrations are earned, when we see the results of real policies generating real results.  But of course, we need to remove those who believe expanding government is the way to fix the economy.

Hat Tip: Breitbart

Written by Rick

July 8, 2012 at 11:13 pm

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If the GOP is Anti-Women, then the Dems are Anti-Baby

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Yeah, I said it.

Out today is another Democrat who thinks that calling names is going to make headway and prevent another shellacking when 2012 rolls around and Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm) goes down in history as a one-term president.  Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the newly crowned DNC chair, came out showing her ‘foot-in-mouth’ disease by calling the Republican party as anti-women, because of the recent votes in the House and Senate relating to the de-funding of Planned Parenthood (a.k.a Abortions-R-Us). 

Well, if we follow the DNC line of reasoning, like they so much want us to do, yet criticize us for not seeing it their way, then every effort to rid the world of the number one killer of babies, namely abortion, that was thwarted by Democrats would make them “anti-baby”.  And while on that track, they are also big into euthanasia (anyone remember Terri Schiavo?)  Standing up for the unborn and saying that it’s morally wrong to kill them in Planned Parenthood sponsored clinics has nothing to do with women in general. 


The GOP absolutely loves women, and in particular, the right-thinking kind.  Does anyone recall that the first woman to ever be elected to Congress was a Republican?   And then there are ladies like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Michele Bachmann, Laura Ingraham, Condoleezza Rice, Jan Brewer, Liz Cheney, S.E. Cupp, and of course, Sarah Palin who is contemplating replacing That One, as President, all of which are adored by the GOP.  The GOP has women all over the country, serving and doing their part to make the country just a little more sane.

Oh, and by the way, my best friend in all the world is a Republican woman.  (luv ya hun!)

By the way, Ms. Schultz is the second Schultz this week to say something completely stupid.  While I doubt that Rep. Schultz will have to eat her crow as quickly as Ed Schultz did, she’ll find out that her inability to see reality will be the Dems undoing.

Can’t say that bugs me much.

To my friends, stay rabid.

Written by Rick

May 26, 2011 at 6:41 pm

Lautenberg – The New Rights Bestow-er.

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The Tea Party Republicans in Washington claim they’re concerned about the budget balance, but it’s a disguise! It’s not true! It’s a lie! That’s not what they want. They want — they want other people not to be able to have their own opinions. They don’t deserve the freedoms that are in the Constitution! But we’ll give them to them anyway. – Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ)

I get pretty rabid out here at times.  And I usually hold no quarter for liberals despite the whiny gripes of moderates and liberals who ask me to “tone it down” because they don’t want to hear the harsh rhetoric. 

Of course they forget, this blog is The Rabid Conservative.  But hey, I figure if I speak the way most liberals do, perhaps they’ll understand, right?

Nah, I didn’t think so either.

At least I’ve never elected to say that some Americans, even the liberal ones, didn’t deserve the freedoms and liberties that I enjoy.

So anyway, take this crumb-cake, Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey making the crazy statement that makes one wonder if he wasn’t drunk, stoned, or just completely stupid when saying.  If New Jersey has the shape of a boot, then Lautenberg, based on his latest comment, is the fungus under the toenail.

So he had the audacity to say that Tea Party Republicans didn’t “deserve the freedoms that are in the Constitution”. 

So, who died and made you a Founding Father, you jerk?  I’m sure there are tea-partiers all over the state of New Jersey who you just slighted with your off-the-wall comment, saying they don’t deserve the freedoms that are in the Constitution.  They deserve them as much as you do.  And I’m exercising them right now, beginning with the freedom of speech.

He went on to say, “But we’ll give them to them anyway.”

Oh, thanks be to the all-mighty Frank Lautenberg, the one who now bestows rights on us lowly Americans.  Oh, as if he had any say in the matter.

What a clown.  How does Gov. Christie put up with having a doofus like him in his state anyway? 

I’m going to go pray to the One who bestows rights to people now, in penance for my rabid attitude another expression of my Constitutional liberty, and not just because you give me license, Frankie-boy.

Written by Rick

March 25, 2011 at 4:31 pm

Republicans Go Rabid and Clean House

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And as I heard, Nancy Pelosi is out of a job…

When I started TRC in a big way, it was a November night like this one and Barack Obama had just won the presidency on his silly “hope and change” referendum.  So here I am, two years later, and after a general hiatus for about six months (no questions, please), and watching the news again, seeing the Dems lose the House after vehemently taking it away from the GOP in 2006.

But what is tonight really about?  I’ve heard the conservative pundits out there say it’s a “rejection of Obamacare” or “rejection of liberalism”, or “rejection of Democrats.  But while these reasons are partially true, what is also true is that tonight’s stunning GOP win was that it’s about Americans in droves, coming out to say that they are tired of not being heard by Washington and they want a different direction for the economy and the Country in general.

Americans have spoken, but the message isn’t, “Dems are out; we like elephants.”  No, tonight’s message is, “you better start listening to us or we WILL fire you.”

Right now, most Americans are incensed towards both parties because both parties have demonstrated their real constituency are their special interest groups, and none of those groups are “The People of the United States”.

The Dems have five weeks left to call the shots and try to railroad their crazy policies through the system.  But come January, it will be on the GOP to govern as they campaign.  More than likely, the GOP will try to get some things done – passing a conservative budget, repealing ObamaCare, or some other thing.  It will slide through the House, get caught up in a hung Senate, only to get vetoed by President Obama.  That’s what we have for the next two years…and it’s just alright.  I think people are tired of having their country fundamentally changed.

Obama said today, “"Are we taking the steps now to move us in the right direction, or are going to go back to the policies that got us into that mess in the first place?”.   Hopefully neither.  Every conservative knows that George Bush was not a fiscal conservative and the GOP congress of the time got drunk off their own spending.  The Dems played that counter card against spending in 2006, but never delivered on their promise.  So, a new class of congressional leaders are on their way in.  Folks, keep them accountable.

As for Pelosi, the word on the street is that her Queen-Bee-ness is going to take her pantsuits and leave the Capitol, heading back for the Napa Valley to grow grapes and drown out her sorrow in a glass of red wine.  Break out the good stuff, Nancy-kins.  It tastes better going down.

Speaking of going down, that’s what the Dems are doing right now.  As Obama said a couple years ago, “change is on the way.”

Written by Rick

November 2, 2010 at 7:45 pm

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Going Negative

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So, in the spirit of going negative, I have a nice negative message of rabidity for all of you

With the pre-election season well underway, with many states in the Union having already finished their local caucuses or preparing for primaries/assemblies, etc, I wanted to take a second to look at the aspect at going negative.  And this rant, for once, is not directed at any liberal or progressive today.  No, it’d dedicated to all you Republicans out there who don’t seem to get the big picture.

Reagan’s 11th Commandment simply stated to not level criticism against fellow Republicans.  The Democrats are supposed to be the party of complaint and opposition, strife, and discord, but the GOP, as of late, has been playing dirty while grassroots groups like the 9-12’ers and the TEA party goers have been trying to unify the base around solid conservative values.

My advice: Stay to the bloody issues; don’t go negative.

However, I’ve noted in the elections going on around me that some of the candidates, particularly the ones who are feeling the pressure of potential loss, that they need to level ad hominem attacks against their primary challengers.  They dig up dirt, slap it onto a mailer and drop it in the mailbox.  While we need to be screaming at 105dB about the issues, candidates keep getting dirty by dredging up dirty laundry.  We start hearing the comments about how this guy once voted for this measure or this lady was part of so-and-so’s staff and suddenly, we need to, without delay, shift our vote.

But one thing that I see right off is that for every yin that one candidate throws at his/her opposition, there is a yang on its way back.  In short, there is no person in the world who doesn’t have some dirty laundry in their past.   Another reason why issues are more important than mudslinging.

Today, I’m registered GOP, but I was so close to unregistering and going independent because I didn’t see much difference between the Grand Old Party and the Democrat Party.  Both parties seem to be filled up with self-centered, ambitious opportunists that are more hell-bent on being the winner and taking the job than to consider what their actual constituencies want.    Never mind the fact there are races throughout the country that require the GOP members to unify and rally up support in order to stop the Obama agenda – no, these bone-brains think that they absolutely HAVE to be the person in office, otherwise, the Democrat will win.  The GOP needs to look at the big picture of crushing the Dems in November.

So, in the spirit of going negative, I have a nice negative message of rabidity for all of you candidates who are presently attacking other members of the GOP, rather than focusing solely on issues:  I’m so sick of you ambitious types!  All of you career politicians, insiders, and the like make me sick.  It’s any wonder why I became a delegate in the first place – I feel like all of you are only in this for yourselves, not for the good of the people, the party, and the country in general.

Reagan was right about politics being like prostitution.

It’s okay when you talk about issues, but I show up at an assembly and everyone wants to plaster me with a stupid sticker like I’m your bloody election billboard.  You send mailings to my house and I get junk e-mails filled with lies and half-truths, designed to persuade and dissuade, while your opponent sends me the same stuff about you.   You call me on the phone with fake recorded messages about how much you want my vote, but don’t have the common decency to call me yourself.  And for those of you who do call in person, I hear the ambitious insincerity in your voice.  You don’t give a rat’s butt about anything except getting into office – not to make the county, state, or country a better place, but because you just want the prestige of elected office.

Many of you don’t know what it means to live in a world where you’re not sure where your next meal comes from or how you need to make ends meet, looking at more bills than you have money.  Some of you sham artists have whole foundations tied to your family name, yet you claim to be salt-of-the-earth people like me.  Most of you people are aristocratic lawyers with some sort of superiority complex (never mind that I have a Master’s Degree and teach), claiming to know better than me.  You cry alligator tears when I show a particular disgust for something else that an elected official did and hope that you’re in the clear, so as to not ruin a re-election bid.

When the state assembly ends, getting you on the phone to discuss my issue, after you are elected into office will be next to impossible.  I send you an e-mail, heart-felt and with colossal concerns and I get form letters back, written by a slightly-post-adolescent staffer and signed by a stamped version of your signature. 

I expect this behavior from Democrats, since they often know no better, but to those of us on the right who just genuinely want our liberties protected, want to keep more money that we make, rather than deliver it to corrupt bureaucrats who squander it with ridiculous spending programs, you people show no distinction. 

So, for all of you posers, all of you phonies, all of you ambitious wanna-bes who court my vote, wake the heck up.  Stay on issues.  Focus on what we have to do in November.  That way, when you don’t win, going into the general in November, you can throw your support behind the leading candidate without having to recuse yourself of your spurious ad hominem comments.

Okay, I’m tired and done.  Let’s hear issues, people, not mudslinging….mmmkay?

Written by Rick

April 27, 2010 at 12:21 am

Congress Hits A New Low

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Well, it was only inevitable – the so-called 2006 mandate that ushered the Democrats into power and culminated to the 2008 win of Barack Obama has now shown that it was dismally unable to deliver on any of its misguided promises

In 2006, the GOP lost the farm, not because of a rejection of conservative ideas, but because of the liberals and moderates that have infiltrated the Republican party.   The GOP showed itself not much different than the Democratic party, not because of the failure of the parties, but because both have been swayed by stupid progressive values and programs that seek to rob power from the people and give it to the all-powerful state.

Since the GOP lost its distinction as being the “party of Reagan”, the “conservative choice”, and basically reneging on the Contract With America that hoisted the GOP into power in 1994, they have recently showed that they are just as willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money on entitlements and earmark projects and do very little to protect the traditional family.  They have sought to sit in the middle and try to appeal to the more moderate people in the country  (which I defy anyone to show me a true moderate without showing me someone who is conflicted in their beliefs)

Well, today we’ve been informed by Rasumussen that Congress’ approval rating is about ready to fall into the single digits.   More and more Americans, Democrats and Republicans are showing staunch disapproval for the job that Congress is doing.  Perhaps it’s for different reasons, such as the libs railing that they couldn’t get health care passed while the conservatives look at the Congress as a cesspool for progressivism.  Either way, more people are unhappy than happy these days.

I get the feeling the hammer is about to fall on Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats that remain in Congress after November 2010.  Harry Reid is doomed, three others (Dodd, Bayh, and Dorgan) are jumping ship, and the Dems are looking worse and worse everyday for their respective elections.

The tide is about to change…

Written by Rick

February 24, 2010 at 5:23 pm

Getting Back on Track – The Right Way

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America doesn’t need to be remade; it only needs to go back to the principles to doing what actually brings prosperity and security. We don’t need a new approach. We need to do what we’ve already seen work everywhere it’s genuinely tried – true social and fiscal conservatism.

For many months now, the Grand Ol’ Party has been in disarray, damaged by its inability to stand up for the convictions that brought it into power back in 1980 and again in 1994. During the Bush 41 and 43 administrations, the GOP sacrificed its principles, a little at a time.  The GOP began to grow government, instead of shrink it.  It began to become “OK” with abortion and gay marriage. It began to acquiesce to financial madness and fiscal irresponsiblity, in order to satisfy a handful of vocal objectors.

We watched in shock and horror as the Dems took back control of the House and Senate in 2006 and how they strengthened their hold in 2008. We also watched as an unqualified, socialistic empty suit took the helm as President. The Dems are poised to seal the deal now that the power hungry Arlen Specter, jumped from GOP to Democrat, thus labeling himself as he always was and that diaper-wearing dumbkopf blowhard, Stuart Smalley, aka Al Franken, took the last two chairs and ensures that our party is silenced in the operations of the Federal Government for at least a couple years.

Then the finger pointing began. We accused John McCain of not being conservative enough, so the “holier-than-thou” conservatives stayed home instead of coming out in droves against Obamania. We accused Sarah Palin of being too conservative and a painted lady, a last ditch effort to score some points

The point is, we all blew it.

We got comfortable. We let our guard down and the Dems rushed in like a flood. Now we have to sit back as liberals, homosexuals, and godless socialists have their way with our country. And for now, we do so, hoping that they don’t wreck the country too badly, don’t start throwing us Right Wing extremists (you hear that, Napolitano?) into jail for hate crimes, and taxing us into oblivion to pay off anyone in the world who wants a free abortion. We sit back now and hope we can give our children a truly Godly education and hope the State doesn’t come in and take our kids when we stand up, ready to arm ourselves in the face of oppression. And we hope that, as Obama relaxes our defenses in the face of a bitter enemy who wants revenge for everything in the world that they don’t detonate a nuclear weapon in Kansas City.

Not only did we let our guard down, we allowed our message to get watered down. We started saying instead of limiting government wherever and whenever we can, we started making concessions. We started allowing little government programs pop up. And kind of like the one little dandelion in your yard that is too much trouble to uproot, we left it alone. Then two more appeared. Then three. And suddenly, a good deal of our government budget is spent on entitlements and programs.  Pork projects sprung up all over and we didn’t do anything to stop them until there were so many that it was too late to make an effective stand.

It’s not his fault, her fault. It’s our fault. We did this to ourselves.

So how do we fix it?  We go back and look at the Reagan playbook again, update for today’s landscape, and start winning elections.

First, we all owe God and the Founders a deep, bitter apology for our sin. Many of us refused to stand up when the time came. Many of us said, “it’s not our problem, we’re too busy”. We squandered away our victories and apologized for our affluence. God blessed us and we tossed it into the trashcan as we took things for granted. We started thinking of ourselves better (and so became careless) when it came time to build upon the foundations that Reagan helped us to see.

Second, we need to pick ourselves up by reinvesting in our roots. We need to get away from this ‘move a bit to the center so we get more support’ and stand up for our principles. In 1980, Reagan’s landslide came because he held his principles and the moderates came to agree with Reagan (or disagree with Carter).

Third, we work the grassroots. We talk to our friends and neighbors about conservative principles and more importantly, we weave them into our daily lives. We live the message we preach. (sound familiar, Christians?)  We learn to communicate in the 21st century

There’s been all this clamor as of late about getting past Reagan and getting on with the business of the party. Do you want to stop mentioning the name, “Ronald Reagan”? Fine. I’m alright with that. And I’m sure Reagan would be alright with that, too, since he surely didn’t believe it was about him, but values and principle. But that doesn’t mean we forget the principles of Reagan.

So, as we put Reagan in the rear-view, let’s put the principles of conservatism in the front-view and strive for the ideologies that have always made this country great. Let’s start getting back to the principles of limited government as well as limited government involvement in people’s lives. Let’s tell the government to stay out of our health care, stay out of our private sector and leave the economy the heck alone. America doesn’t need to be remade; it only needs to go back to the principles to doing what actually brings prosperity and security. We don’t need a new approach. We need to do what we’ve already seen work everywhere it’s genuinely tried – true social and fiscal conservatism.

We can stop saying the name Reagan, just as long as we never stop doing the fundamental principles of Reagan-style conservatism.

Written by Rick

May 5, 2009 at 2:43 pm


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